How can I maintain weight loss from fasting?

Hey! I think we started at about the same time, I'm currently on my fourth day. I had a similar issue before with not being able to control how much I eat. To experience the benefits of fasting, 3-5 days is enough to plunge you into ketosis. Craving sugar is a really psychological thing. I feel like after the body's deprived of food and its glycogen stores are depleted as yours probably are, it's only natural to want to eat carbohydrates or sugars, which make up glycogen.

I'm not sure what RandomAngeleno's saying but for a 14-day fast, it's extremely ill-advised to break it with something as difficult to digest as salads, bacon, eggs. People generally recommend fruit+vegetable juices and fruit. If you really want to stay away from sugar, even from healthy sources, you could try yogurt or kefir to break your fast.

Immediately after the fast, no matter what you eat, you're going to increase in weight by a few pounds or so because of water. However, if you ease yourself back into eating and maintain a healthy diet afterwards, your weight should be roughly the same as when you ended the fast. The healthy diet's the important part. If you have a problem with binging, you can try intermittent fasting and limit your eating to a 1-hour or 4-hour period a day. That way it's possible for you to eat whatever you want without going overboard. It doesn't have to be a keto diet, though that's an option as well. But if you enjoy eating carbs (like I do), you might still want to eat them at some point, and I guess the important thing is moderation. If you feel like eating something sweet, try to turn any cravings toward things like fruit, corn, or sweet potatoes.

Don't focus too much on your weight afterwards because it's gonna fluctuate and if you're anal about it it's honestly going to drive you nuts. Ignore the scale for a bit, concentrate on eating healthily, and that'll help you achieve your goals of maintaining the weight loss and keeping you away from processed sugar.

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