How can one deny the existence of God when the signs of God is all around us and its the only rational, logical explanation of our existence?

Q: In regards to noahs flood saying it is before recorded history doesnt realy matter, we know that there was massive impact event that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, we can see signs of natural events in earths geological past. An event on that scale, even if allah made it happen through miracle despite it being impossible surely there would be evidence for the largest disaster in the human timescale. Yet we find nothing. No evidence whatsoever, that such a flood ever happened, no giant deposit of buried creatures across the earth, nothing. Either it didnt happen, or god hid all evidence it ever happened. which seems unlikely a god would delete all the evidence of an important part of his book being true.

A: I would say not really. The impact of a flood does not survive for such a long time. Bones decompose, the earth becomes dry again etc. Moreover, because Noah existed in prerecorded history, you simply cannot verify if the people after Noah or during Noah's time saw the effect of this flood and cleaned up after it (by burying the dead etc.) or not. But what is truly irrational is to think we can see the effect of a flood that occurred in prerecorded history and when we have no knowledge on what people who lived close to Noah's time did in response to this flood because this too is in prerecorded history. Moreover, I'm not extremely well-read in Noah's story as I've only took it in school and I didn't pay much attention in it but this wasn't particularly a normal flood where the water level rises. This is actually God who made a normal dry land with sand suddenly bring out gushing water which drowned the people who lived during Noah's time. So, this was a miracle from God, it shouldn't even be considered a flood because floods don't usually gush out from the earth.

Q: Described as sure, proven to be? no. you cant just assert something has X properties and use that to argue it is real, descriptions are descriptive not prescriptive. Just because you say it is doesnt make it true, nobody has managed to demonstrate a god exists, never mind what properties it has, so using the alleged properties to argue for its existence is circular.

A: well the properties of God is what god tells of us who he is but also, if we are to hold the premise that a creator created this universe, he is surely allpowerful. but of course, if you refuse the premise that there is a creator, you will find it hard to accept he is all-powerful. But again, applying mental exercise, if you were to accept a creator who did all of this universe, you can surely accept the claim he is all powerful because what we see in this universe cannot be made by a weak creator.

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