How can I get people to stop over explaining things to me, talking to me like I'm a child, and acting like I'm stupid?

You need to be assertive, firm, confident, and other buzzword bullshit.

There is no quick fix to this. Watch women AND MEN you respect and see how they act. Try to understand why it works. You need to act like the person you want to be treated as. It isn’t just controlling your emotions and listening. Getting angry, ignoring things, taking charge, and apologizing are important. You need to learn when and how to use the other tools.

This is the best example that comes to mind because it happened to my sister. She had just started managing an industrial store/supplier, and occasionally one of her employees would whistle at her. She’d already had a meeting and talked to him about it, but he still did it. She could fire him, but he was otherwise a good employee. What should she do?

This is what I recommended. Dress him down. Show him how angry you are. Raise your voice, maybe curse once, but stay under control. Then leave or tell him to go do something away from you. This isn’t a conversation; it’s a verbal slap. After about an hour, find some reason to converse with him and act like nothing’s wrong, maybe even laugh a little. You need to SHOW him there are consequences but don’t damage the relationship.

She rolled her eyes pretty hard. She was convinced he would think she was a bitch. It took some convincing, but she tried it a week and half later (said she needed to get mentally ready). She said it seemed to work (we had lunch a week after).

In your situation, you’re dealing with your peers. Your response will probably be less dramatic, but you need to SHOW how you feel. If you were working with another woman, who constantly tried to do your work for you, how would you react? Would you continue to politely thank her say you had it? No! You would be exasperated; roll your eyes; cross your arms; “REALLY?” Later, have a friendly conversation to show you still value them, but for the love of god don’t talk about the incident. This is a lot like sex. Act like you enjoy them, and they will be more enjoyable. Clear feedback is necessary, but don’t talk about every little thing.

Do the best you can to improve and in 2~4 years, get a new job and better pay.

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