How can someone instantly make you lose your shiet?

By being a dumbass..and comparing america and Americas problems to other countries..when america is fairly "unique " .I knowna guy who believes if we had tighter firearm regulations there would be no more mass killing and it would be like a small lil dutch village..if we removed firearms it would extinguish the flames of all future people who wish to cause harm to masses of people guns = no determination.... we need to give everyone free health care free housing free food ..and then also give them 100k a year to spend it on whatever there hearts desire ...and noBODY has to work !!! ALSO cant forget the free car and free gas .and this if for everyone dont even have to live in America to get your stuff just make a.collect in America well that's cool you can have some to...and lots of magic and witchcraft ,that will make everything better right !!! Let's do a spell to make the world so peaceful!!!! Love and light ... everything is free!!!!!. Yayyay

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