How can I stop crying and feeling depressed over lost relationships?

As others have said, time heals all wounds. Now is a good time to start thinking about what you really needed from those friendships that you didn’t get, make peace with things you might have done wrong, and to feel and mourn and begin to move on. I would also recommend taking a social media vacation from stuff like Facebook and Instagram, if you have that around. It’s something that’s been helping me out a lot lately.

Take some time to reflect, but don’t let it eat up your whole world. Surround yourself with things that you feel good about and that are good for you. Now is a good time to clean your house, start new routines, find a new sport, learn some new recipes, walk some place you’ve never been, do the things your old friends would have made fun of you for, practice or find a new hobby, find some new (or old) music to listen to, and start those good habits that make you feel accomplished, healthy, relaxed, and excited. This will also open doors to let new people into your life.

You’ve got this. Life has so much in store for you other than just work. You’re doing great.

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