How can I turn on one-tap hero centering?

This is what I have setup for centering on a control groups without double tapping.

Note that the actual camera centering takes place on key release rather than key press. I vaguely remember that I ended up with this on-key-release method due to some sort of limitation I ran into at the time, but you might be able to find an on press implementation out there or even create one of your own using new Reborn commands.

I just didn't want to double tap so on-key-release was good enough for me. Try it and see.

alias "+tohero" "+dota_camera_follow;-dota_camera_follow;+dota_camera_follow"
alias "-tohero" "-dota_camera_follow"

alias "+toGroup1" "+dota_control_group 1;+dota_control_group 1"
alias "-toGroup1" "-dota_control_group 1"
alias "+toGroup2" "+dota_control_group 2;+dota_control_group 2"
alias "-toGroup2" "-dota_control_group 2"
alias "+toGroup3" "+dota_control_group 3;+dota_control_group 3"
alias "-toGroup3" "-dota_control_group 3"
alias "+toGroup4" "+dota_control_group 4;+dota_control_group 4"
alias "-toGroup4" "-dota_control_group 4"
alias "+toGroup5" "+dota_control_group 5;+dota_control_group 5"
alias "-toGroup5" "-dota_control_group 5"
alias "+toGroup6" "+dota_control_group 6;+dota_control_group 6"
alias "-toGroup6" "-dota_control_group 6"
alias "+toGroup7" "+dota_control_group 7;+dota_control_group 7"
alias "-toGroup7" "-dota_control_group 7"
alias "+toGroup8" "+dota_control_group 8;+dota_control_group 8"
alias "-toGroup8" "-dota_control_group 8"
alias "+toGroup9" "+dota_control_group 9;+dota_control_group 9"
alias "-toGroup9" "-dota_control_group 9"

bind "1" +tohero
bind "2" +toGroup1
bind "3" +toGroup2
bind "4" +toGroup3
bind "5" +toGroup4
bind "6" +toGroup5
bind "7" +toGroup6
bind "8" +toGroup7
bind "F1" +toGroup8
bind "F2" +toGroup9
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