How can I as a W answer B's quotations without sounding self serving?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Perhaps you can offer some helpful insight on how to best proceed My post is an invitation for advice on how to approach -in an as neutral as possible way- the exchange of factual information in a way that best helps my B feel safe and move toward healing. I'm asking for help, because I don't want to or intend to sound manipulative. I admit, it would be naive to claim there's ever a way to report your own efforts as a W to your B, in a way that is zero percent self serving, but I want to be as selfless as possible. Ideally I would focus on being consistent and letting him witness the proof in my actions. But distance makes that harder. So I'm looking for ideas on making information available to him should be desire it in a way that best shows the intention of healing.

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