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I don't want to come across as a jerk either, if I am just tell me sometimes I seem condescending maybe but I don't mean too. I understand you feel strongly nothing bad about that. I think women are very different sexually but I don't think they're these asexual creatures that can do no wrong like a lot of people like to think. I think most of them have just as strong as libido as men but I don't think they're as open due to being afraid to be seen as promiscuous. I think if it flipped on the whole more partners often seen as good thing for men and bad for women, men one be the quiet ones about it and women the loud. Yeah a lot of relationships are 50/50 on the whole sex thing but I think a lot of the time even if the women wants it just as much the women will still withdraw from sex if lets say he was withdrawing on the emotional side and of course there are outliers. I think liberated women can be a very dangerous and detrimental thing to society.

I mean a lot of women are so independent now, they don't need men anymore especially with a lot of them deciding not to have children due to not being in a family structure and then the men are left out, unneeded and often unwanted, though I don't think we should stop it happening though, I don't think we'll ever have a problem with a lack of breeding going on. The world is run like men, they like it that way for many reasons, some logical, some not so much and some outright bigoted.

All of what you've been saying has been very feminist like and still is but I wouldn't call it a rant. Also you don't seem like the, all men are evil, lie, make false propoganda and all the other insane thing these 'radical feminists' do. Also feminsts should be mad at those, those like those other people I was referring to you putting you in boxes you said, it's the people with the dumbest ideas that have the loudest voice and they just do things to push the cause back if anything.

Anyway turning this into an anti-feminist rant haha. Yeah, dominance is very perpetuated, it's often the matter than if you're not a manly man you're seen as worthless though I wouldn't say it's as prevalent as the whole slut boxes thing, I think there are a lot of other issues were men get a really sharp end of the stick and women get a great deal and that goes for both men and women.

It's like when people refuse to admit that women can be rapists. It's utter bullshit, but it's not exactly our own doing.

I know exactly what you mean. Like when you was saying it's seen as a bad thing when women sleep around (or something like that, that may be totally off) but a good thing for a man. It's the women who are attracted to the stud who get's all the ladies, it's not the men causing it. As well when these whiteknights (I like to dub them that, saw it on a subreddit somewhere) treat these women like these feeble creatures that need help, they do more damage then help and cause problems like people treating women like they can't rape someone etc. I really don't think it's a men women thing, let's be real it's a ass hat, non ass hat problem but both sides often resort to blaming the other gender. I'm not calling them sluts whores or demonizing them for doing something sexual, hell they can sex it up, they can do it all they like so long as they're not breaking any laws, doing any damage or impeding on someone's freewill, if I call them something I don't mean it as a dorogitory thing I say that if that's what they are. Like if a woman is a slut (The definition is something like; a women that has many casual sexual partners, looked it up a while back it may be a bit off) then I will call her that, in context though. I won't just say something like that slut over there shouldn't be doing x, y or z, I'd simply say that woman. Though if someone said something about her actions of doing x, y or z and I had answered it I'd say something along the lines of the woman is acting like that because she's a slut and she wants to do x y or z due to... so on and so forth. I don't really ever use those terms as to call names or anything like that I just use it to describe a type of person and only when in context of the conversation.

What's weird here is I think we pretty much agree and I agree with pretty much most of the redpill and while I wouldn't call myself one at all but I am very interested in Mens rights activism and you seem like you have a very feminist view (not the radical insane one though), though I'm sure we disagree on a lot also haha. Like I said I think it's less of a woman, men problem more of a ass hat, non ass hat problem( not as in men are ass hats and women aren't or vice versa I mean it's the non bad people saying bogus things that are mean, etc vs people who aren't). When I say about the whole gate keeper thing it's very much a generalization and an appeal to the majority, there are many outliers but it's very much easier to base it on the majority. Also just want you to keep in mind a lot of what I say, I say based on ignorance, so that I can then learn and put my ideas through scrutiny so were it ever to come up in conversation I wouldn't come across like a ignorant buffoon and to learn also.

Not related but I wonder why they choose to do this. I mean what posses a person to say let's all take our breasts out for a picture. Just seems really out of the blue. It just comes across as pointless especially considering the backlash that could happen from it and as we can see in the thread it doesn't exactly bring anything other than negative attention. If I was a women I couldn't do anything like that.

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