How To Censor Video Games In Five Easy Steps (more Pillars of Eternity drama)

I'm gonna put on my Cinema Sins cap for a second and point out something that I think everyone has missed.

I don't know much of Pillars of Eternity, but from I've seen it's a standard fantasy set in Not Europe But is Totally Europe. That means there's magic. So, if the victim of the transphobic asshole used magic to transition into a woman, there is literally no way this guy would have known her birth gender. But, since the poem clearly states that the killer learned the truth after the fact, we can only assume one of two things: 1) there's another transphobic asshole involved that knew of the victim's transition or 2) Neither the killer nor the author of the poem (both in game and the backer who submitted it) cannot tell the difference between an anus and a vagina. That is of course ignoring any sort of gaff that simulates a vagina. But that still means the issue of the victim's birth gender would come up.

We know it can't be number one because a) it's not mentioned in the poem and b) a third party trying to use someone's transphobia to kill another person is way too smart for whomever wrote this. It can only be number two because this brand of idiot would seriously believe a pre-transition woman would be sinister enough to hide something that would clearly and quite easily be discovered mid-coitus. If trans folk are comfortable enough to sleep with someone pre-transition, odds are good there's some trust or discussion about it before sex. But the writer clearly tells good-faith assumptions to fuck off.

I know what some people (gators) are going to say, "But she could have just offered anal! HA!"

Well, true. But again, the poem offers no such detail and from the reading, it's clearly apparent that throughout the entire act and after completion, the killer truly believed that she wasn't born a man. Accidents happen during sex. Things slip out and into other things. Sometimes in directions you didn't intend.

This leads to only one conclusion: the killer, the writer (both in game and the backer) do not know the difference between an anus and a vagina, in both feel and position on the body. So that's two sins right there. Plus about 2,000 sins for every jackass who thinks this poem is funny or tries to defend it on any faux-moral ground. Plus 155 sins for Total Biscuit's opinion on the subject.

This game now 2157 sins. For one fucking page of text. I think that's a new record. Wait, 2158 sins, because the devs didn't think to QA the backer submitted stuff.

Seriously... The shit I think about when I'm tired...

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