How China uses shadowy United Front as ‘magic weapon’ to try to extend its influence in Canada

I would argue that the hawks on all sides are now in the drivers' seats, and I don't foresee that changing anytime in the coming decade.

I would also argue that authoritarianism isn't inherently bad anymore than democracy is inherently good. What drives the performance of a democratic or authoritarian system is, I believe, the subculture of the elites that are running that system.

Furthermore, I don't believe that public input in democratic systems actually leads to good outcomes. The history of perpetual regime change and wars, along with all the human collateral damage, waged by a democratic hegemon, is a case in point. Not to mention that the average voter is easily duped by propaganda, social media influence campaigns, commercials/ad campaigns, slogans, etc. MAGA is only the most recent example, but there are countless others in the history of democratic politics.

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