How to circulate the energy?

Okay, not Op but your post intrigued me as it seems relevant to questions I've had lately. I am by no means knowledgeable of how control of energy like this works. I can understand from my personal experience what it's like to have energy or vibes that are so strong i can feel it radiating out, but I really don't understand how I know and feel it. I've recently felt like I had a switch flipped in myself where I understand at a more fundamental level how the energy I output impacted those around me/observing me, but I understand that I only know enough now to realize how little I really know and understand.

Perhaps this isn't exactly relevant to the topic mentioned here, but my understanding is this kind of energy and vibe radiating is a natural process of regulating energy that has been forgotten. Are there good articles or books on controlling and understanding your energy for beginners? Perhaps there are exercises to work on understanding and controlling energy?

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