How common is it for men to abstain from sex until after marriage and is there a stigma associated with it?

I've talked to a few guys on Reddit who would have happily lost their virginity when they were younger if given the opportunity, but now as older adult virgins are waiting until marriage because they have insecurities about being with women who have more sexual experience than them.

Not the person you responded to, but figured I might chime in. I'm not a virgin, but I only had sex once years ago, so my experience is still pretty much non-existent.

What I bolded there is pretty much me. I don't want to wait until marriage to have sex again, but hook-up culture and the experience women at my age probably have are making me feel insecure about it.

"Why would a woman want to casually hookup with a guy who has little to no experience?"

"Will the fact that I have little to no experience have an impact on how a potential long-term partner thinks of me?"

It's basically things like that.

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