How do you conquer social anxiety without drugs? [Serious]

I’m going to get more real with you more than I have ever be with anyone in my life so listen to me. Stop looking for answers because this will be the only thing you need to hear. We truly cannot know if these people who are trying to help have anxiety, many people think they have anxiety but they have never felt the worrying feeling we have. I call it a worrying feeling but we both know it is way more than that. Anxiety will not go away forever, it will always be there in your head and it will come and go. If you conquer your social anxiety I promise, you will have something else to “worry” about. You need to conquer your anxiety in general by pushing yourself, and do not look for any other easy way out. If social anxiety is your current issue (assuming you don’t have anything else bringing you anxiety but you probably have other small things) then you need to do whatever you are avoiding. When socializing was my worst fear I got a job as a cashier. Every single day I was so stressed I almost broke down crying and I just wanted to quit and go home. That feeling was there 24/7 and I feared going to work, but I let the fear into me and pretended it didn’t effect me even though I went to bed crying every single night, hoping to die. I tried my hardest to be normal and even though I wanted to give up and just get rid of the anxiety by quitting but I kept going to work and I kept letting that feeling fucking wreck me but I never let it tell me what to do (which was eliminate that stress from my life). Eventually after months the anxiety about socializing went away and I was no longer worried about this. The anxiety in my head found some other things to worry about and the feeling was just as bad but I kept pushing through what I didn’t want to do and the anxiety went away quicker and quicker every time. It gets better I promise, just remember there are many people out there like you, but there are even more people who think they are like you and they’re not because unless they have truly been through the mental Hell we have. They cannot and should not pass one fucking judgment upon us or give one piece of advice. I stopped going to doctors because no amount of education can help someone like us and the drugs are never a permanent solution. Do not give up, do not avoid anything you need to do because it makes you worry, instead do what you need to do no matter how much anxiety it brings, no matter how much you physically feel weak, keep fucking pushing. Eventually anxiety will come knocking, and you will have to let it come in, but without anything to feed on it will not stick around, it will only come back knocking another day when you are more venerable to try and feed off you again.

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