how to want to cook every day?

I used to cook every day, but have learned that it doesn't work well for me or my family.

My husband doesn't want to eat until after 7p usually. I have had my last meal and am done eating by 5p. My kids don't want anything complicated most of the time. And I am allergic to dairy and gluten, so my needs don't always fit in with theirs.

I live on salad kits, eggs, tofu, and fruits and veggies. The rest of the family likes breaded meats, potatoes, pasta, pizza, etc. Beyond making sure my kids get their veggies every day, I've tossed my hands up and decided not to bother most days.

My husband likes cooking a lot of the stuff I can't eat that he and the kids like, so that works out well enough. No shame. I'm just not really interested in food.

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