How do you cope with being treated like you are crazy for following covid safety guidelines, when others around you aren’t doing the same?

I work at a grocery store, i wear a mask at work or when i got into another business, i don’t hangout with family or friends indoors and refuse to when asked to because i am probably one of the worst people to be around to catch it, the only indoor activity i was doing with other people was kick-boxing before the second lockdown, at this point i’m tired of it all, i was called a “hero” for about two months now we are treated like shit even more than before the pandemic and covid is even worse now than it was at the beginning, stay the fuck home and keep collecting more money off unemployment than what we have been making going to work.

To answer your question on how i cope, i’m just tired i don’t care what people think of me following the rules, at this point i don’t care if i catch it again, i’m just doing my part by being respectful wearing a mask social distancing, etc, so i guess i don’t get others sick. I’ll keep following the orders they give about covid until this is over, my personal life has not changed that much except all the goals i wanted to do this year have been canceled.

If wearing a mask bothers you shopping for 20 minutes at a grocery store, try wearing one for 40 hours a week for 9 months, its not that bad get over yourself anti-maskers.

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