How do you cope with blindness?

I've been to a rehabilitation center for the blind and I mentioned that in the original post. I also mentioned that it was there that my suicide ideation started, as I became extremely insecure.

Let me give you an example: you hop on a train to a familiar place but fall asleep and miss the train station where you were supposed to exit. If you are sighted it's easy to find the overpass and cross the track to catch the train in the opposite direction, even if it was the last train you can easily navigate the train station to an exit and catch a cab to take you to your destination. If you are blind, however, you are now in an unfamiliar place and either have to ask for assistance or spend a lot of time searching for the overpass or the exit. It's this kind of inability to improvise when faced with the unexpected that leaves me extremely insecure, so I end up staying home and conditioning my freedom.

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