How to cope with PMS

Similar boat here! I'm actually trying out a new birth control pill soon in hopes that it will even out some of these problems for me.

I agree with the others' posts and like to give myself a bit of a break. I don't feel bad if I have to ask my boyfriend for a bit more help around the house for a couple days. If I have bursts of energy, I take advantage of it and clean up more or exercise. Sometimes I force myself to do things even though I don't feel like it. Like if I'm sitting around feeling crummy looking at Instagram or watching ANOTHER episode of a show on Netflix, I'll turn it all off and put on happy music and go on a walk. Or call a family member or friend.

Overall though, I try my best to be by myself the week or so leading up to my period so I don't snap at my boyfriend over something silly. And remember that it is temporary! It will pass.

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