How could people say that naruto is a 'bad' show

Coming for an irritated loser fanboy like you who cant accept other people´s opinions, your insults are just sad like you. You sayed "I'm not even gonna take your comment seriously since you clearly have no idea what you're talking about and you have shit critical analysis skills." If you didnt take my opinion seriously, then why did you write an entire bible to justify your pathetic fanboy opinion, wich noone gives a shit honestly, just to defend a bad anime? And yes, I have an ideia of what I´m talking about since I saw the anime and disliked, you by other hand dont have the single idea of what a debate is, but I´m not suprised since you are just a kid with shit debate skills and that doenst have a single ideia of what you´re talking about, muby that´s why noone gives a shit about you, honestly. You´re pathetic, just like your bad anime, and I dont waste my time with pathetic irritated loser fanboys like you. You have what, 5 years old? Try to grow up, troll kid.

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