You know how dangerous ancient Celtic dishes can be...

So, they're not just ancient French, right?

Simply trying to make a concise joke that is accurate, though it admittedly does not touch on the entirety of Gaul history (would have lost that concision). My bad.

This was a message a friend of mine received while going through a period of intense medical testing that turned out to be futile, because they missed the cancer that ended up eating her alive within weeks of receiving this message. It was a challenging loss on a variety of levels, and with the anniversary coming up, I was looking through her Fb page, because part of me desperately needs to understand how and where this went so horribly wrong.

I came upon this comment and thought it would fit the sub perfectly. Sorry my hook was subpar. It's not even wrong, it's just not good enough for you guys. So, you've made your point. Hope it helps you feel better to believe you're smarter or wittier. It didn't teach me a thing except people have a greater need to be right on a funny sub than just enjoy it.

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