How do you deal with accepting your life won't be how you want it to be?

I don't deal with accepting my life, I work to change what I don't like. It's hard, but I do it. I was lonely, I got married and had kids. I needed more money, so I worked harder and got more certifications to earn more. My stamina was low and physical fitness shot, so I worked to lose weight and get fit again. I can't begin to describe how hard all of these were to accomplish, but I did it because my "why" was that my life depended on it and that we are here for a reason. (I'm not nihilistic).

I'm 43 with a 1 year old daughter, wife, etc and I was a chronic video game player for years before I got married, doing nothing special, beating myself up, 100 lbs over weight, no sex ever, a few good friends, etc.

Most people don't really help themselves, because they don't really want to change their life or put the work into doing it. However, you can, if you want to. I had a few failures, but I knew I wanted more and I got it.

I don't accept anything I do not want to anymore. That doesn't mean everything is perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than it used to be, and I put a lot of effort into that.

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