How do you deal with being hypo unaware?

You need more strips even if that means uprooting your life. Unfortunately, if you can't check your blood glucose, eventually there will be periods in your life of hypo unawareness.

However, here are some tips: 1. Don't eat or bolus at least for 4 hours before sleep, you will soon learn how much your BG drops during fourth hour of your typical bolus dose, then you can switch to just not eating or bolusing for 3.

  1. Work out your insulin sensitivity if you absolutely need to correct before going to bed.

  2. If you get significant enough hypoglycaemia unawareness, decrease your basal insulin or exercise a bit less to keep your fasting blood sugar higher for a week or so. Like 50 points higher, not by much. Then slowly approach your target again. You will feel hypoglycaemia better and regain some confidence.

  3. Check a lot and learn. In periods of uncertainty, I can check as much as 30 times a day. Get strips second hand from people who got too much insurance coverage if you need to. You can always ship them from another country - they're priced accordingly with each market, so your US Dollar (I'm assuming) can probably buy much more somewhere else.

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