How to deal with bf's family eating our food?

I cannot stand people like this. At Christmas my fiancé and I went back to my family home for a few weeks. It’s technically my grandfather’s home, where my moms lives and where I lived until I moved out for college. I still have a room there, and my mom has lived there for around 13 years now.

My mom’s brother and his wife and kids were also visiting at Christmas. They like to occasionally stay at the house for a few days whenever they’re visiting Florida. However, they treat it like their own private vacation home.

They had a few other mini-trips planned in Florida so only part of the time they were at the house. They also brought their dogs and asked my fiancé and I to watch the dogs for a week while they were on a trip to St. Petersburg, so they wouldn’t have to pay for a kennel.

But dear god the whole time they were at the house it was hell. They took over everything. We couldn’t leave a damn thing in the fridge without it being taken. My poor mom works as a nurse and meal preps for the week because she’s too exhausted on days she works to cook anything. My stupid aunt took stuff she made on “leftover night” because apparently other people’s leftovers are what leftover night is all about. And then my aunt called my mom “fussy” when she was upset.

I cooked pulled pork in a slow cooker (which takes awhile) and I went through a lot of effort to remove all the fat from it. And then I come back to find them eating it from the container I’d put in the fridge, saying “this is great chicken.”

Dear god I will never share a space with those people ever again in my life.

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