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How to deal with breakup?

How to deal with breakup?

by RangoDj

The only problem with breakups are the vaccum it creates in your life. The feeling of no constant messages, calls and someone who cares for you is gone, creates emptiness.

My last relationship was 7 year old and this is how I moved on:

  1. Friends - They can fill those gaps plus you can vent out here and there with them. I have huge circle to hangout. Female friend is a blessing in such scenarios.

  2. Play - Outdoor or indoor games kills time but also make you aware of the importance of time which in turn helps you to focus on other work as well.

  3. Work - Take more work assignments you can handle and try to complete it.

Avoid: 1. Smoking & Alcohol

  1. Depressing songs

  2. Looking for another girl instantly - may demoralise you even more

  3. Running away from the reality - you just broke up and it's natural that you'll sulk for sometime

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