How do you deal with dental office staff who refuse to get the Covid 19 vaccine?

It's not arrogance. It's a thorough disgust with anti-vaxxers and their arrogance.

As a group, they are wholly untrained and uneducated on the subjects at hand but feel that their lack of effort to understand the science is on par with those who have. They believe they are as qualified as any expert. Experts who have spent years and years learning this stuff.

I have zero sympathy left for them. If it was a decision that would hurt only themselves, I'd have no skin in the game at all. Live and let live.

If someone decides to skip their insulin because they believe they can ramp up their immune system by swilling ivermectin, all the power to them. If they believe that diabetes is just a ploy by big pharma to sell insulin. Who am I to argue? There's an element of pharma evil truth to it. When they say diabetes is a liberal plot to take the rights of patriots away, I'll laugh. Because I'll know they are only hurting themselves. Being stupid, well, that's on them. A bad call, but theirs to make.

Their arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity hurts others. That's the problem with this whole thing. If not wearing a mask made the mask-hole solely susceptible, and solely injured, I wouldn't give a shit. It would just be a dumb method of suicide. But, not wearing a mask, and not getting vaccinated, puts others at risk AND their immediate contacts at risk, it also puts the population as a whole at risk.

I can no longer find the patience to coddle their cult any longer.

Being nice and calmly explaining the science doesn't work. I've spent exhaustive hour after hour doing just that. They still believe that their youtube video is just as good as anyone else spending years in school.

At least the venting and name-calling allows me to feel like I'm inflicting some pain on something. I fully understand that it is feckless and empty. Give me a better and more productive outlet and I'll take it.

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