How do you deal with 'imposter syndrome'?

Sorry if my post sounded abrasive or mean, it isnt mean to be. Personally, I am trying to be an entrepeneur. I'm trying to start my own ventures online. I'm trying to go against all odds and live above average, to have the financial freedom that most people don't have. To get out of the rat race. I didn't go to college, I didn't do so many things. This is the life I've created for myself now. I have to make it. I have to make the best out of it. It's not going to be easy for me to transfer my headstrong-ness to you, but I just hope that you will somehow be inspired and just remember to hang in there

There are some days that I will break down and cry for a minute, because I want to be successful that fucking bad. I think about all the struggles I go through, how I ride a bike everyday, how at my age I should have a car by now, How I can't do anything for my mom, I can go on forever.. That is why I went for my medication. Because I have always known exactly what I need to do, the steps, everything. But I just could never MOVE. I COULD NEVER MOVE. I Hated it so much. Now here i am, a different person. i dont care about tv anymore. I dont care abotu watching youtube videos all day anymore. I dont care about playing games anymore. Its so insane. This adderall has changed my life. I cant believe it. But then some days, I get pissed because I feel like it only works for 8 hours, and when you are actually DOING STUFF (i work from home), you realize how fast time goes by. When you sit around and procrastinate like how i did, time goes by so slow man. So now its like holy shit, what is happpening. I wish time would stop. Becuase I see how learning or doing 1 thing can easily take a WHOLE HOUR. Now I only have 7 hours left? What?

I thought when i got my medication, i would be getting done 50 THINGS everyday.. Just plowing through it... But no, instead like 5-10 man. It sucks. It makes me feel bad like, i should be doing more. But then I just have to keep reminding myself, some things just take time dude. It sucks. Because I want the success now.

But I just have to be glad to have SOMETHING, rather than nothing at all. So if 8 hours is what i got, then fine. Of course later im gonna look into askign the doc how we can get a few more hours out of medication, etc.. For now i am just happy to be doing stuff. I just got done completing YET another task, but here i am typing to you.. So I still have issues

Yes, I understand the envy. I see other people how they are hugely successful, graduated medical school etc, and it makes me wish i was like that

I only feel that way because I can clearly see they do not have adhd, so they do not have the same impairments we its so much easier for them

So it makes me wish i could be like that.

But I just have to be glad that i got SOMETHING that can at least make me start doing shit now.....

In my humble opinion, the best way to achieve great success (without having a high paying job or going to school) is to start your own business, build a skill online and start making that money.

Yeah its easier said than done, but it can be done. I used to make thousands per day online but fucked it up due to my adhd. So why would I now want to go and get a regular job right? I feel like if I can just focus now with my 10 years later wisdom, I can seriously fuck this world up in a good way. Shake everything up. People will know who i am and what ive done. You just have to think big man. Most people dont do that. Most people just wanna have fun, do their 9-5. Fuck all that noise. Im tryin to go places

Again I understand that this could be just something that is inherently WITHIN ME, but I swear every time I talk or type, i am just trying to inspire people, and hopefully show them the light. It is possible to be hugely successful (in your own definition), you just need to IDENTIFY your issues first, THEN get treatment

Which of course it sounds like you have, so im happy for that. I too blame myself for not being diagnosed earlier, but you just gotta somehow realize this is just a matter of adjusting your attitude, keeping your chin up. Like I said, ive cried before sitting here at my desk like fuck, i want this so bad.. becuase I know whats at stake... and i dont care if im a man or whatever or if guys arent suppose to be like that. I just feel that passionate about building a life for myself, finally.. And you need to find that same passion within yourself. Im far behind too man, thats why I get emotional like fuck, my friends have built their lives , have kids, what the fuck am i doing

But i just remember to myself, just be glad you're FINALLY STARTING NOW...........

Never have I been so eager to wake up everyday, quickly eat breakfast, and take adderall and get right back to my VARIOUS todo lists that i have that i add to EVERYDAY

At this point im just rambling, i just hope someone can feel what im saying

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