How to deal with this kind of situation?

When a girl says "I don't want a relationship right now" or "I am not in the condition" or something like that, you have to note that you weren't interesting enough for her. So options are:

  1. Either be in the friend zone and be miserable and pity yourself.

  2. You drastically change your approach and do something new and interesting(no one will tell you the interesting things to do, you have to find ways and do that yourself). This mostly backfires because of the smell of desperation.

  3. Leave and never look back you were never interesting enough for her and you will find someone better(you need to trust yourself and be confident, it may sound like the common excuse of girls but it's somewhat real).

My advice, leave the thing and do something worthwhile, if she needs you she will come back and you will have an upper hand. Going after her desperately is going to push her equally farther. Remember the third law from that legend.

PS. I am no love guru, just talking from my experiences.

TLDR: Heads up, be confident. Leave her to do something worthwhile, focus on yourself, she didn't find you interesting enough. She wasn't meant for you. If she was she will come back.

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