How did YOU do in 2014 dating-wise?

Slept with a decent number of people, but ultimately nothing serious.

Was casually dating a MIT boy (who I messaged first because he kept viewing my profile and not messaging me, so I was like "who is this boy? let me look at his profile, oh hey, he might be cool") from February to end of March, took a break for a month because he was busy with being about to graduate and such, ended with him coming to a party I was hosting with another girl and I wasn't told about said girl coming beforehand. We haven't seen each other since, and I did tell him how angry that made event made me and he has since now left the area.. but late summer, I reconnected with him via facebook and now we still talk sometimes. It was a pretty good dating experience while it lasted, but we knew it was gonna end when he graduated and left the country. This is the 3rd poly boy I had slept with and made me open to the idea of more than just multiple casual hook-ups (because I felt like I was friends with him, but didn't necessarily want to put any label or expectations to it) and interested in poly. I really think this relationship with me made me grow in what I want out of romantic/sexual relationships with people and realize that I'm okay dating people who label themselves as poly and I might want to be poly myself.

During that time, also was sleeping with a rower boy (he messaged first), but that was strictly just me going over to him to fuck and sleep over every once in awhile after our first meet-up. We didn't date.

Had a couple of dates with someone who messaged me first which I thought were okay and had potential, but he stopped talking to me, so it went nowhere.

Started my sex account in August. Short boy messaged me through that. And I now describe our time together as a summer fling that was ultimately unsustainable like summer flings usually are. But we hung out (and texted and skyped) so much at the end of the summer, spent a decent amount of the weekends together when he was working for weekends to finish up the season at his job after he went back to school. However, once school started and he got into a relationship with a girl at school who he considered his main relationship and being busy with school, our talking to each other diminished to a point where I didn't like it and didn't feel like he was being a friend to me at all. So we were just fuck buddies, but our weekend dates felt like otherwise because it sometimes felt very couple-like what we did and I had more serious feelings for him. I broke things off with him twice, only to come back to him due to loneliness and because hanging out with him did feel so nice and I didn't want to lose that. Hung out with him before I went home for break, he said he'd try to communicate better over break, and I stupidly believed that he would. He didn't, he hasn't contacted me since the Monday before Christmas, and I'm now back in Boston.. so he is now blocked on several places where he could have contacted me but didn't. But in the end, intense beginning and feeling of connection and just unsustainable due to distance and different wants in communication.

My last winter fuck buddy contacted me again before the school year started, but he's incredibly busy and so we only saw each other twice, I think. And the second was very spontaneous because he happened to be on campus. I think chances of him trying to make time to hook up with me are not gonna happen.

So I am left with one poly friends with benefits who has been away for health reasons since mid-October. But we met at a game night and hung out a few times before he left for health reasons. We still talk on a pretty regular basis and have been talking about hanging out when he gets back. But he has his partner who he lives with, so it won't go any further than just being friends with benefits.

tl;dr: Still on the hunt for a poly relationship with a boy who can be more of a primary relationship, but still have other romantic/sexual relationships on the side. But started my year off as monogamous minded and am now more polyamorous minded.

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