How did YOU do in 2014 dating-wise?

9 first dates from OKC (versus 5 from guys I met in person), 2 second OKC "dates" that were more just meeting up for sex. 6 of the OKC dates were super fun, 1 was alright, 2 were bad, and 7 ended in sex, which probably explains why I went on so few second dates. Three guys rejected me, I rejected two guys, two guys faded on me, and I mutually faded with two guys.

I joined in August fresh out of a relationship, and my experience solidified my negative feeling about online dating for people in their 20s in major cities. The guys I met in person all got really into me and developed feelings quickly while the guys from OKC mostly acted SUPER interested and intimate on the first date and then disappeared or rejected me. Nobody from OKC wants to commit because it's so easy to go on a date with someone new every night.

I also learned that guys from OKC who express a lot of interest quickly almost always end up burning out, because on almost every first date I went on the guys seemed REALLY excited before and during the first date and extended the date for 12, 18, even 24 hours, and then they'd either fade out or I'd get turned down because it was too intimate and they got freaked out (even though they were always the ones who insisted I stay with them for an entire weekend and cuddle and chat with them for 12 hours despite my insistence that I should leave! I don't understand men!). The guys who asked me on second dates were the ones who took it slow emotionally, and I could never get excited about them because I got so addicted to incredibly intimate first dates.

Overall I think I need to take a break from online dating, because when 6 guys over the course of 4 months gush about how amazing you are and shower you with affection only to never talk to you again it really takes a toll on your self-worth. It's turned into a vicious cycle for me because I keep going back to OKC for validation when I get hurt and then I wind up getting hurt again. My experience has been completely bizarre and nothing like my experience with dating guys from my social circles.

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