How did you breakup with your LTR?

Was with my girlfriend for 5 years since senior school (high school) the more I learned about red pill the more I understood female nature and just came to the conclusion I had oneitis for her. It was strange because I cheated on her a couple of times but I realise now that was just me being insecure.

I really don’t think I can get back into a relationship ever at the moment. I’m spinning 3 plates, lifting and focusing on my university studies at the moment. The plan is to be a lawyer in the next 5 years.

It was difficult for me to let her go and it took about 3 months of real feels, my reasoning behind it was I knew no matter how much I was constantly on my A game she will eventually cheat. I would rather end things on my terms. I’ve turned a lot colder and less emotional. I never open up to anybody anymore, if I have a problem I hit the gym, If I need to cry I’ll do it by myself where nobody could hear or see me. If I was to never speak to any of my plates again I wouldn’t care. That’s the key.

Who knows what the future holds but right now I’m focusing on me. Yes it’s lonely but since learning redpill it opened my eyes, this shit is real and there will always be a chad who your gf craves. It can definitely work if your constantly owning your shit and if your less invested than her then your winning but I couldn’t do it.

Good luck

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