How did you choose your major and why?

Here are a few of my personal tips. Some may agree with me some may not:

1) DO NOT MAJOR IN ANY BUSINESS FIELD. Get out of high school and find a company to work for. You’ll be gaining several years of experience (more experience more pay!), you’ll be making money instead of paying 20k a year for college, and by the end of your four years working you will more than likely be making more than a fresh out of school student in debt (especially if you stick with the same company).

2) Do something youre passionate about. Do not let your parents or friends influence you in any way. This is your life and in the end your’e the one who’s going to be living through it!

3) Please, make sure to have realistic expectations with the major you choose. Make sure its something youre passionate about but will also be able to bring in a decent income.

4) Make sure to take your strengths and weaknesses into consideration

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