How Did You Develop Your Views on Legalized Abortion?

I grew up believing it was wrong until I got access to the Internet and stories of real people who have had abortions.

People say, "Why would you kill a life, you need to live with the consequences," but I think that is barbaric. A child should never be a punishment.

"It doesn't have to be a punishment, you could give it up for adoption." Do you have any idea how hard a pregnancy is on the body? Adoption is the answer to an unwanted born infant, not a pregnancy.

I do not think that I have the right to judge if someone should bring a life onto this Earth. I do not know their circumstances, that decision is theirs alone to make. If it comes down to it, their life trumps that of a primitive zygote. As a student studying biomedical science, the 'when does life begin' debates are fucking stupid. Every cell in you is alive. Do you advocate for every lost egg cell? Should every shed sperm be frozen and kept to made into a life? What about frozen zygotes in freezers used for in-vitro? Is that an abuse of life because all those babies are suffering in freezers? Should we implant them all into women to be born? Fucking stupid.

The question isn't, "when does life begin". It's, "Which life matters more?" And the answer is the mother's.

If I got pregnant, I would abort. I am $30,000 in debt and I will only be in more debt as I continue my studies. I am in no place to raise a child and I am not emotionally capable of giving one away. I will not let self-righteous assholes decide that I should punished for having sex. Abortion is natural and right, and women have been doing it for thousands of years.

We're over-populated on the Earth as it is. It is an unselfish act that benefits millions when you decide not to bring an unwanted life onto this Earth. Call me an asshole. Call me callous and a monster. If some couple wants a baby that bad, they should suck it up and adopt one of the millions of children that are being circulated around the foster system. They have no right to benefit from the suffering of women who just want to live their life and they do not deserve to have someone breathing down their neck trying to pressure them to give birth and give it away. It is a painful act, and an unnecessary one at that. If you want to, good for you. If you don't want to, also good for you. It is your choice to make.

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