So, how did you guys/gals figure out what you wanted to do in life?

Same here, except I fully realise I have 'grown up' now due to needing reading glasses and not being able to physically do as much as ten or twenty years ago. But mentally and emotionally I'm still a kid, yeah.

On reflection I think my twenties were a blur and I was lucky that I got through them intact (definitely lost a few braincells though), I had no responsibilities and just travelled and did whatever it took to feed that. My thirties were even stranger, I ended up relocating abroad and being quite a success financially, was married, had houses, lots of friends. It certainly felt like a grown-up life but I looked in the mirror and still saw a kid really. Then about age 40 I went off the rails and self-destructed, after the dust settled I'm left with no money, back in the UK, wondering what might happen next. I look in the mirror now and it's still a kid looking back at me but this one has grey hair and wrinkles.

At no point over the preceding years did I have a plan or even a definite direction, I just floated from 'lucky job' to 'luckier job', it was like a game in a way, I just went with the flow and did fine, then didn't.

I think you can plan things and do ok, not plan things and do ok, or vice-versa for both. It certainly helps to be sensible (I guess...) but the most important thing is to just LIVE, getting stuck at the planning stage and over-thinking it will hold you back just as much as making poor life choices, imo.

We get about 80 years, they go very slowly for the first thirty or so, then they start racing away from you.

Oh, and ultimately none of all this matters, just enjoy the ride, if it's getting particularly shit then kick your own arse into a new direction.

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