How did you handle realizing you may not like your parents for who they are?

My mom was my best friend growing up - now I realize it’s very unhealthy to have four kids and one of them is your best friend. It was hurtful to my three siblings (especially my older sister) and it was stunting to me - I never really made friends my own age cuz I hung out with my mom all the time.

I also realized my mom kind of has the emotional maturity of a high schooler. She’s selfish and self-centered, lives her life for gossip, embellishes stories often, is very entitled, always feels the need to compete with everyone around her and based her self-worth on her looks when she was younger. And she very much defines success as “the man you’re able to get” (like a lot of her generation).

I was never conventionally attractive like my mom was, and I thank God for that, because I wasn’t able to rely on my looks. Now that I’m a successful professional I think she resents me. All she does is watch crappy TV and repost stuff on FB all day (I enjoy crappy TV occasionally - but this is all she does).

Anytime we talk the conversation revolves around what’s going on on all her shows, she has no interest in my life - so I listen to her until she runs out of things to say and then move on with my life. Pretty sad.

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