How did you learn to play league? Did you find it difficult to learn? [Open discussion and survey]

The hardest part about learning League is that Riot just hardly explains anything to you about the game to begin with. The tutorials are a joke. They went out of their way to remake them and yet they‘re halfassed and only explain the bare minimum basics to survive a beginner bot game.

I wanted to try to jungle when I first played League and was so anxious cause I had no idea what to do at all, nowhere in the client was an explanation.

Did you know Zac/Anivia have an indicator on their nameplates when their passives are up? I didn‘t for the longest time, cause no one ever told me and I was assuming that those nameplates only showed hp and mana.

The game‘s hard to learn since Riot doesn‘t care to teach you anything about it. You‘ve to do research and get your own ressources.

Of course League‘s still pretty hard to learn in general, but as it stands right now, the tutorials are a piss poor effort. It frustrates me since you‘d think that a multi million dollar company would like to guide new players into sticking with their game and do at least a job on par with small indie studios.

Going by the possibilities they have, they could do a fully voiced and interactive jungle introduction and other stuff. But instead we got this...

New players really have it rough (not just because of the tutorial quality - think about smurf culture and the slow account levelling too). I wonder how many quit within 5 hours. Just my 2 cents.

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