How did you manage to overcome the burden of high expectations your parents had for you?

I realized that I’ll never be good enough for them, so why bother trying when I could quit and enjoy my life. I never really had any dreams though, except just to experience each chapter of life fully and make memories. I wasted my entire childhood trying my absolute hardest, but my parents still viewed me as lazy and undisciplined no matter what. When I was 13, I was getting As in 300s level university math courses, alongside my 20 yr old classmates. Even an A wasn’t good enough for my parents though. They dismissed it as just being “naturally smart” due to the great genetics they passed on to me, and insisted I wasn’t reaching my supposed full potential due to laziness. It literally wasn’t possible for me to work harder, and I was discovering new ways to find validation, so I just quit when I was 15. Then I failed out of school the next year and then the next few years were a mess, but I had a lot of fun and definitely don’t regret my decision. Then again I’m also a very all or nothing person, which isn’t the healthiest way of thinking

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