How did you get off a help desk job?

Got fired.


P.s. This story will probably upset some people.

About 2 years out of uni after sleeping on couches around the country and just generally pissing about I started applying for jobs involving machines since there didn't seem be too much market demand for cognitive psychology grads.

Got a call centre help desk job when a recruitment agency called and asked me if i'd ever heard of a computer called a 'Compaq' and I said yes, btw that's not a computer.

Cue a few years stress free work for Compaq EMEA. (actually a load of fun cos everyone left us alone bar the weekly death threat, bomb warnings, law suits etc)

Enter stage right: The wicked witch of comedy printers and shitty winmodems and that's us all turfed out. Whole departments gone.... our last few weeks calls mostly consisted of us yelling Ruuuunnnnn!!... Run for your Lives! down the phones etc.

And bugger, bye bye, C.V. Time.

What then followed was about 6 months of monty python level interviews. No one would believe any of the guys from my department etc. (cos that was impossible).

I had 1 interview were it was insisted they were unusually busy with a large workload and it was impossible to fix more than 10 machines a day. (wat?)

1 where no candidate was suitable because they 'used Gateway' there and their problems were 'software'. (eh?)

1 where the IT interviewer got into a fight with the HR rep. (turned out they were making the IT department redundant too ~ that was weird)

A few where the jobs didn't actually exist to start with, 1 where the interviewer and I went out for a beer to find he just wanted to warn me to run the fuck away because the CEO was actually a nazi and one where I wasn't allowed to know who was interviewing me or why I was being interviewed to start with.

Boobies all round to that really.

Anyway.. Whilst I was running around the bastard love child of Dhali and Echer's interview techniques and trying to keep myself busy a nice chap in a suit I'd just met asked if I knew anything about Sharepoint. (I said no but I'll take a look, looked, yup) So they asked me to demo it. (fair enough)

Built it, demo'd it. The first question's they asked was 'what's that?'.. It's AD and Exchange and it turned out they really liked them.

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