How did you find out you were getting cheated on?

Similar but not as intense. Relationship was failing and we broke up on xmas and I see pictures of him tagged on social media 2 weeks later (we never took pics in our 4 years, he always thought it was cringey). Asked him outright if anything weird happened before we broke up and he said "nothing out of the ordinary."

Gave him the benefit of the doubt because of all of our mutual connections, and why would I have reason to not trust him anyway?

I guess he told one of our friends he'd tell me the truth if I asked him, and when that friend found out he lied after I indeed had asked, he shared the info with me.

There was WAY more drama with that new girl later, she was way too obsessed with becoming my friend and could not understand why she had to "try so much harder" for everyone to accept her, but that story's for another day.

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