How did you find out your ex was cheating?

His best friend told me. We were living together but already broken up but still friendly and cordial. When his best friend came to visit us, my ex was an awful host. Usually when you invite your friend out to your city, you take them out to eat, sightsee, and drink. He did none of this and would even leave him alone while he went out with other friends from the area. Super bizarre.

I’m big on hospitality so I’d constantly offer him food, try to have conversations so he wouldn’t be bored while my ex was gone all day, and even offered to take him out bar hopping with my friends (and he really wanted to go until my ex came home and basically said no, you’re not allowed lolol.) Anyway, I guess I left a good impression on him.

I was always still very friendly with my ex and always trying to help out and say only good things about him to people. He was good at playing the nice guy and I always felt guilty for the break up. I guess at some point, his best friend got fed up with what he perceived as my ex taking advantage of my kindness even after our break up and just straight up said “remember when you thought he was cheating on you with _____? He was. In your home.”

We were already broken up so it wasn’t like it ruined our relationship but I certainly felt betrayed and taken advantage of, especially since we were still having sex even towards the end of our relationship and he had been cheating on me for that whole year. I confronted him nonchalantly over text and confirmed it after some coaxing. Luckily all STD tests came back negative. Apparently he hid it even post break up because he was interested in some of my friends as I have a huge circle of friends and he didn’t want to become known as the cheater.

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