How did you quit smoking cigarettes?

Sheer fucking willpower, man.

Do or die, there is no try.

Fuck e-cigs, the gum, the patch, whatever. They're crutches that still keep giving you your fix and prolonging a process unnecessarily.

Just power through the rage and keep busy. It will pass. Kinda. You'll still have that low-level irritation bubbling below the surface for a while, and find yourself biting back bitter loathing and rage for all things in existence. But it will pass.

When you see others go out for a smoke on their breaks, you'll seethe inside. When you catch a whiff on the sidewalk your nostrils will flare and you'll inhale sharply, attempting to capture a bit of your fix from the air that you are breathing. You'll go to the store for bread and milk, determined to not buy more cigs, but you'll walk out of there with a pack in your hand and a dazed expression on your face, wondering how the fuck that just happened. And then you will fail.

Don't beat yourself up too much over it, shit happens.

Smoke a cig or two, enjoy the headrush then toss the pack to a homeless person or something.

Then the cycle starts all over again, with the intensity it had on Day One. You'll start imagining the sensory input from the act of lighting a cigarette, the smell of the tobacco mixing with the faint smell of the butane of your lighter, the feeling of the striking wheel on your thumb

And the mornings...the mornings are hellish.

Change your morning routine up, and be wary of too many coffees, because morning coffee can lead into morning cig easily. Slam two big glasses of cold water quickly instead, that will kill the craving for now and shock you awake. Dive into your shower, eat some breakfast, lots of juice, make sure you make a coffee that you drink with your breakfast to avoid the caffeine withdrawal headaches.

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