How Did/Do You Find Someone to Explore Being Submissive With?

There is not an easy or correct way to get into BDSM I’m afraid. Initially it involves a lot of exploration and trial and error. 28 isn’t what I would call “later in life” so don’t worry about your age. Everyone on this sub has just an many failed attempts as they have successes and I can guarantee your going to go through a few partners before you find the right one. My best advice is to not rush into it. Take your time and be sure you’re being safe. This lifestyle is fun but you can be just as fulfilled without it. Have a REAL conversation with someone before you let them tie you up and even then be skeptical. Trust, respect and submission are earned and communication is key. I understand you’re coming out of a long term relationship but try not to do a one night stand with this stuff, few people truly respect what it is.

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