How did stuff come to this?

An increase in net worth of 9 million dollars is NOT the same as "making" 9 million dollars. not even close, first off.

Jeff bezoz is worth almost 9 million more every hour, but isn't the CEO of whole foods so that has nothing to do with anything unless you want to use his numbers to extrapolate. The COMBINED net worth of BOTH whole foods CEOs is about 100 million dollars, as compared to the 140 BILLION Bezos is worth

So, while you could go ahead and assume that the two of them invest their money equally well (proportionally) and generate about $6k an hour together, 3 thousand dollars an hour each, which is a whole 0.003% as much as the 9 million an hour quoted above, I find that conjecture hugely unlikely due to the lack of connections and offers jeff bezos is privy to being available to these two much less rich and famous lads. The rich getting richer and all that. They likely generate much less income.

So yeah, 9 million an hour is only about 3,000 times too high, and based on net worth instead of actual money being made.

"And that's why I think it's ok for CEO's to exploit their workers"

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