How did your first one night stand differ from expectations?

It was a boring threesome, M(pre-MeTF)F. He wanted me, he should've made a move much sooner than waiting so long... It went on like 2 hours, who does that?!

The second one (Me-F) was smoking hot and she was 10/10 modelesque, but I was dysphoric and wished the roles could have been reversed - we would made quite the porno that night. She gave me her virginity on that one. Still, while she layed in my arms happy, I was happy to give that to her and that she was so happy. (I was modelesque too in the male way at the time, and if I told you all the details you would not believe me).

The third one, with the old Marine Corps girl, turned into a true FWB afterwards. We stated at the start, we're both knew we were being stationed around the world - me Japan, her Europe, and it was what it was for a few months while in school. It was truly hard not to cry walking away - literally walking away - as we saw each other for the last. She 10 years later on facebook in so many words admitted she was trans in denail and told me "she wishes she was born a man." The irony and synergy, I tell ya, universe has jokes.

I suspect now that I'm years transitioned, they'll be more fun - but not until I'm out of the Midwest, did I tell you how much I detest this place?

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