How did you find your niche?

I know this is a variation on the same niche question that gets posted ad nauseam, and I know it can be annoying. But it's not hard to just ignore them and move on with your day.

These sarcastic comments may make you feel good while writing them, but you're not going to feel good about them in hindsight. They're not to your credit, when you write such informative and well-intentioned posts otherwise. Don't get caught up in this silliness. :)

I was actually curious about this question. Not because I expected some huge revelation that would bring me smutbuxx, but there might be some people who truly did stumble into their niches. There might be something to learn from the outliers too.

Even though the OP might've just been cute and trying to get people to reveal niches. I just don't feel anyone's getting much of worth by making drama around it. Ignore, work on productive stuff.

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