How did your parents and grandparents set you up for success? What are you doing to set your kids up for success?

My family are all military or trade workers ( Which pay very well in my country so nobody is poor all above average in terms of wealth ) the issue is our economy has taken a big turn and now the only way to really get ahead without destroying your body is starting a business or studying your butt off to become an engineer or doctor etc, I wish they had given me more guidance not just " You can do anything " As it often lead to me becoming disillusioned and never progressing till much later in life.

So GUIDE your kids guys otherwise they will find it immeasurably more difficult to figure life out let alone stability " Just work hard " Isn't good enough in today's complicated world this isn't 1950. Also my father definitely gave great advice financially but dumb Ass 18-25 year old me didn't wanna hear it and bought multiple sports cars, wasted money on travel and women etc rather then investing.

So 2 things learned from this, give career guidance and CONTROL their money till they are old enough to appreciate what you were doing for them ( late 20s perhaps? ), I had to much freedom and made poor choices.

My much younger little brother is making vastly better choices but hes been raised by gamers and crypto lads shoveling the need to invest down his throat which is something I wasn't really exposed to till later.

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