How different do the various medical strains make you feel?

I like to start my day with a potent Sativa then move to a nice hybrid like OG Kush or Girl Scout Cookie for most of the day, then finish the night with a strong Indica to relax. Maybe a Purple or high CBD strain before bed as well.

Switching up strains like that, also helps keep your tolerance to any one strain lower.

No two strains are the same, no two harvests are the same within the same strain/mother. Heck, peoples' body chemistry is going to be different so different strains will hit folks differently under the best of conditions.

Sativas don't do too much for me, at least most of them. Indicas work much better for me. I use it medically mostly for chronic pain, so Indica is the way to go for most folks dealing with pain. Sativas are better for the pain in your head. They do elevate my mood and make me giddy even if I'm not exactly stoned. Hazes in particular seem to make me feel more creative, or I'm buying into it (placebo).

Still, the biggest factors will be the percentage of Indica and Sativa you're dealing with and also at what point the cannabis was harvested, beside potency and quality. The rule of thumb is to harvest early when the trichs are clear(er) for a more Sativa like head high and when they turn mostly Amber for a more Indica body relaxation type high. 50/50 amber if you want it in the middle. I mean it's not that simple, you can't take an Indica and make it a Sativa simply by harvesting a little earlier. It still depends what strain you're starting with.

I think we're going to find out that the relationship between THC, CBD and CBN is more complex than we realize. Or find out some exciting properties with the other lesser known cannabinoids. Which as it stands, is already another crucial factor in how the herb hits you.

Most folks seem to like a nice Hybrid leaning towards the Sativa side in my experience. 60/40s, either way, seem to be a nice split for most folks too.

I'm loving my options nowadays. Didn't have much choice for the longest time, then maybe the option between the dank and reggies, that's about it until my state went Medical. It only follows that the black market will have many more options now too.

I agree with the others, Leafly is a great resource to get a feel for what to expect with the various strains.

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