How I discovered i was a cuck

Ok. From what i remember she said when i went to bed things were innocent for about an hour. Then he mentioned her big fake tits and said he would like to see them. She said she was hesitant at first but she ended up taking her bra off first and teased him by shaking them around under the shirt. Then she finally showed them to him. He didn't touch them he just looked at them. Then she said they went outside so he could smoke and he asked to see her pussy. She dropped her shorts and took them off and said she sat there in just her underwear. She pulled the panties to the side exposing her pussy and that's when he got closer and started fingering her. He got her naked and she got him naked and he ate her pussy and she sucked his cock. Which she said was a huge cock. And i finally saw it one night and it is pretty big. And i guess when i caught them that's right after she sucked his cock. Finally finishing up by swallowing his load at the end.

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