How Does Emotional Trauma Impact?

Your brain has made the connection that stress/negative emotions need food to be soothed. So experiencing this challenging time and not immediately eating is triggering your body to be all "Feed Me Seymour!"

Now is the time to lean into this emotional discomfort and try to tune into what actual emotions you are feeling and not just a general haze of negative emotions that gets to be avoided by eating.

Identify those emotions and try doing new things to move through the emotions and not numb or avoid them. Self-care but not necessarily the do a face mask self care. Maybe it is having strong boundaries, maybe it is talking it through with friends or therapist or this sub. Start developing new habits to respond to emotional triggers with.

Let me tell you, if you work on this now (keto allows for such a separation between physical and mental cravings that it is an awesome opportunity), you will develop this new skill like a muscle. You will get strong but you will have to draw on the strength of that muscle. For example, my world was rocked last week by some bad news. My default response was go eat. Go bury yourself in food. My next and immediate response was "hold up girl, you've got other options now". And I got through the major crisis point and am now riding the wave of I-have-no-idea-whats-gonna-happen pretty smoothly!

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