How does it feel and change you after beginning medication?

Haha Unfortunately not :/ I'm in NC, but for me I simply lucked out. Big time. My first doctor was the first I'd seen in easily a decade, so I had no idea what I was doing, prior to this I've always been very healthy.

I was unhappy with her but at a loss for what to do about it - I wanted to stay with that medical group, but was at a loss for how to "fire" a doctor or if it would be super awkward to switch to someone else in the same office. She ended up having a baby and moved to a different city, and the office itself put me with my new one. It just turned out that she herself has hypothyroidism, and has researched and knows a lot about it all. Not all doctors do, or even many, I've learned. What made me certain she was right for me, is how vehement she was about wanting to help me feel better, and was adamant that she wouldn't rest until we did that, even if she had to find a specialist for me, and we would manage it all based on how I felt rather than the lab results.

I know some people have switched doctors several times, so you may have to hunt for one that's a good fit for you - but they're out there. And it's worth the effort to find them. That initial visit with her left me with my first glimmer of hope in so very long, and honestly that alone went a long way. My first doctor acted like my condition not improving with her bare-minimum effort was a huge inconvenience for her and she would barely even look at me during the appointments.

I don't know if you're subbed to a Houston subreddit, but you could even ask there if you don't know anyone you trust who could refer you to a good doctor. Lots of people here speak mainly of endocrinologists but the closest one of those for me is an hour and a half away - if my primary doctor can help me, I'm not going to see a specialist until that for whatever reason isn't cutting it anymore. Couldn't hurt to ask around that subreddit - people ask for tips on good places to eat or have fun, surely there would be people who could give you suggestions for good doctors or even just who to stay away from. Best of luck to you :)

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