how does king raid compare to epic seven?

Here's my opinion but i played E7 before and i quit it after a week

-E7 are not F2P friendly

- Gems rate are horrible for getting new heroes or good artifact.

-Got free rolls everyday but the rates are as low as FGO. plus artifact is like CE basically.

-For voice, got Korean and English while KR got two of them plus Japanese. which is totally bias for me because i prefer anime game in Japanese.

- E7 is horribly sluggish in movement plus the map is big. like i can spend whole 15 mins moving around through mobless map to lurk around for events.

- Hard to leveling (like need to use exp from penguins farm)

- Grindy as hell. Basically it's like toned-down MMORPG

the plus point is their UI is nice and polished well but still it's too heavy. even in emulator

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