How does one cope with an endless amount of bad luck and tragedies?

I really don't understand the point of disapproving comments like this. As hard and cliched as it sounds, this really is the only way out of hell, given if plan to stay alive.

It's nice to have a place like this for people to vent, as in there life this is probably the only such space. But making it a echo-chamber of misery and sadness will just exponentially compound the problem. As much as it feels calming to know that others are in the same place as you, people who encourage you to get out of hell should not be put or looked down. You can choose to ignore or choose to engage, but it's a common trend among this place to repeat the same 'defeated', 'lonely' and 'miserable' mindsets and agree with others that it's a useless life. A circle-jerk, if you will.

Remember, the only reason you're posting here is because you're tired of this way of life and need a change, no matter how much you deny it or it seems extremely improbable to you. The only reason you're here, is because you hope that there's one in a million chance that someone will be able to help, even if that's not what you're after consciously. Subconsciously you are.

Try to be a little optimistic, atleast for others if not for yourself. Try to give someone hope, even if there is none in your life.

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